Website in a weekend ? Yes! Really ? Really !

How’d you like to build a gorgeous, professional, fully-optimized Website in a matter of few days?

How’d you like to build a gorgeous, professional, fully-optimized Website and be able to update the page, swiftly & easily, from within your WordPress site or blog?

Think you need to hire a super-geek, to set up and maintain your website ?

Think you’ll have to pay heaps of monthly fees for updates, from your designer?

Think it’s gonna be dull, tedious and complicated?

Think again.

Create Your Website Fast (CYWF) is a tantalizing digital program for total techno-phobes. You’ll learn how to set up, integrate, maintain and update your own WordPress website. Yes, YOU. Yes, really. And yes — it’s going to be easy.
I’m Marta Spendowska, your friendly neighborhood Web Designer Magician, and I’ll show you how…


create your website fast wordpress

Imagine simply login into your WordPress website to update any dynamic or static content and reflect it directly and instantly in your browser. One click upload of your images, videos, blog posts, your new married name under the About page and once it’s published —it’s up for pleasant viewing purposes. Brilliant!

That’s what Create Your Website Fast (CYWF) is all about. You’ll have a total, eternal control over how your website looks like without the need for paying for any set-ups and updates.


Update your website and blog quickly and easily. With WordPress, any update you’re about to craft is easy ezpz. And so much fun!
Get lifetime updates of the membership site. Web has its own mind sometimes. I’ll take care of the news and inform you, when, what’s new and all that jazz…
Just follow tutorials like 1-2-3. HD, scrupulous videos, step-by-step show you how to move from point A to point B. Or F — as Fabulous! 
OhYeah — Bonuses!.
For more curious birds, there are some extra HD videos coming + a secret email address for chatting (read below).


Create Your Website Fast (CYWF) Digital Training consists of all necessary step-by-step tutorials, HD videos that you can follow at any time, downloadable PDF, email support *, that will teach you how to build your independent website based on WordPress.

No need for knowing html or any WordPress specifics is expected, you are charming as you are and I’ll lead you towards greatness!
I’ll show you everything you need to get going.


Right after choosing your option, you’re going to be redirected to the secure PayPal payment page. After finalizing the payment, you’re going to receive an email with the welcome message and credentials for logging into the membership area.


You’ll get an access to :

  • HD Essential, scrupulous videos that teach you :
  • 1-Click Installation of WordPress
  • Working With FTP (File Transfer Protocol), for easy file/folder transfer
  • Moving your blog (Blogger // to self-hosted
  • Installation of Themes, choosing themes, updating and playing with themes
  • Installation of Plugins, choosing the essential plugins I can’t live without
  • List of neat free and premium themes
  • An insight into one of the best Premium Theme
  • All about Integration between Twitter, Facebook, Google+ with your website (how to set it up and connect the dots)
  • Lifetime access to your membership area
  • and more.. (read below about Modules)

create your website fast

create your website fast memberscreate your website fast memberscreate your website fast memberscreate your website fast members

create your website fast modules


  • Introduction
  • Welcome Party Video


  • How to choose the Domain
  • Working With Domains+Hosting
  • Which Hosting is the best one?
  • Working with FTP for transferring files


  • Installing WordPress
  • Important and Optimal Settings for WordPress
  • Tour around WordPress Interface
  • How to work with Posts, Categories, Tags
  • How to work with Pages
  • How to hide a content and make it secure


  • Moving your old blog (Blogger// to your self-hosted
  • Working with Themes
  • Working with Plugins
  • Best themes and plugins


  • Back-up on autopilot
  • Painless maintenance of website
  • Adding Users and securing content
  • Super extra SEO advice


  • Incorporating email lists
  • Incorporating Twitter, Facebook, Google+

It really doesn’t get any better than that!

Or does it?!

I’m Talking BONUSES!

create your website fast bonuses

  • PDF document showing you the optimal WordPress Settings

You have even more advanced option to choose. I call it Grads! Read below about the additional Bonuses:

I’m Talking GRADUATES!
  • Secret Email Address used for connecting with me, so I can answer your problems for the first month of using this program or during the review faze, when you’re done with your website. It’s like 30 min of consultation! Awesome!
  • List of My Best Business Resources (psst! It’s a secret!)
  • FREE HD video discussing Facebook and Website Integration



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Secret Email Address For Consultation/Review
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My Best Business Resources
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Watch WordPress/Facebook Integration
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Who Am I

marta spendowskaI’m a web and print designer, specializing in static html + css websites (also known as Brochure Websites), WordPress and Expression Engine. I like to say that coding for me is like finding the perfect rhyme for the perfect poem. Or a love letter. Or a wedding invitation. I’ve been designing for corporate and creatives. Love it.

I was one of those WordPress creatures who jumped into it right away to learn how people could build their own websites with minimal cost and with full control. There is such a power to it I tell ya!

I pay attention to details, make sure typography and alignment is not missed. So during the consultation I’ll tell you what to watch for.

If you don’t know how WordPress works yet, do not fear. If you don’t really care, I’m fine with that too, no need to understand things that professionals need to get.

Let me just say that WordPress is a magic ingredient to cook up and spice up your perfect online presence.

I’m here to promise you that you don’t need to hire a super-geek, to set up and maintain your WordPress Website. Nor that you need to pay heaps of money or monthly fees for updates!

All you need is some time (how about this coming Weekend?), this digital training and willingness to rock your Online Presence!

Due to the electronic nature of this ecourse, my policy doesn’t include any returns.
If you have any questions about the ecourse, just shoot me an email so I can help. Thank you!

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